Best Client Call of the Week

Brain stressed

Technically this was an email and not a call, but close enough. It is only Wednesday, so I suppose I could receive a call that would top this one, but I’m pretty confident this will be the winner.

In the email the potential client was seeking representation on a breach of contract matter. The email mentioned that the contract was only two pages, so I responded that if the client wanted to email me the contract, I’d take a quick look at it at no charge, to determine if it was something with which I could assist the client.

A few minutes later, the contract arrived. The client was in South Africa, and the contract was entered into and was to be performed there. There was no connection to California whatsoever. I politely responded that I would not be able to represent the client in South Africa (can I appear pro hac vice there?), and could not provide any thoughts on the dispute because I would be practicing law without a license in South Africa, and would have no idea what the law is there.

I then asked, “out of curiosity, why did you contact an attorney in California about a matter in South Africa?”

“Because at this time of night, I didn't think I would be able to find any attorneys still working here,” he responded.

[UPDATE]  I was right, no calls came in to beat the one described above, but one came close. It happens at least half a dozen times a week that someone will call me, we talk for awhile, and when I try to provide them with some information such as a telephone number for another attorney, they say, “wait a second, let me grab something to write with.” Then I get to sit there and listen to them open drawer after drawer, ask their significant other if they know where there are any pens, and express frustration that they are having so much trouble finding a pen because, remember, it was just last week, after going to Home Town Buffet, that we went to Staples to look at backpacks for little Michael, and while there we purchased those Pilot pens we like so much.

I just can't picture making a call to any business without a pen in hand to write down whatever they tell me, but apparently I am in the minority because it happens so often.

But this call was a new one. When the time came for the caller to write down the information I was providing, he said, “hold on a second, I need to turn the lights on.” He apparently called and talked to me in the dark. I do have a pretty sexy voice.

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