Best Client Call of the Week

Frustrated woman making a phone callMy websites all have contact forms, so that prospective clients can email me a question. The forms require that the prospective client provide an email address and/or a telephone number. How else would I contact them?

So, I received an email from a visitor to one of my websites (let’s call her Jane), and I promptly responded.

The next day, I received another email from the website from Jane, asking the same questions again. I responded again, apologizing that she had not received my earlier response.

On day three I received two emails from Jane, and they made clear that Jane was not pleased that I was ignoring her emails. Jane had never provided her telephone number, so I had no means to contact her other than through the email address she was providing each time. I was sure my email was probably ending up in her spam filter for whatever reason, but I responded each time.

Finally Jane called, and she was hopping mad that she had written me so many times and received no response. I explained that I had responded to every one of her emails, and read back her email address.

“Oh, that’s a fake email address. I always use that when I fill out contact forms. I don’t want to get spammed,” she said.

2 thoughts on “Best Client Call of the Week

  1. Thank You for posting the article on….FOOLISH ATTORNEYS, 10
    Ways to…..I’m in the middle of a Federal Lawsuit in the 9th Circuit Central District of California in the HONORABLE Stephen V. Wilsons’ Court Pro Se against various defendants….I’m experiencing most of what you’ve written about and thank you for the explanation of not signing the proof of service….they told me I had to….so I have been getting it signed before filing but it never made sense as ….just as you said I’m having a lie signed.

    Thanks, I love your sense of humor.

    Tim Haskin

    • Thank you for the kind words, and good luck with your case. If the “they” of which you speak is the court staff, be sure to follow their instructions, even if they don’t make sense.

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