Don’t Let the Client’s Problems Create Problems for You

Starting your own law firm, ClientsBeing actively concerned about your clients’ problems will naturally come with the territory if you have a heart. When you are representing someone who is about to lose their home due to fraud, or lose visitation of a child through a custody battle, you can’t help but be awed by the life-altering nature of your representation.

I still lose sleep worrying about my clients’ cases. Sometimes the stakes are just so high I shudder at the potential outcome. I have complete confidence in my own abilities, backed by a great success rate, but you can never eliminate all the vagaries of litigation.

However, I now have fewer sleepless nights because I eventually realized that the stress was coming from two directions, and a roadblock could be placed in one of those paths. There is the unavoidable stress that is going to come from any litigation because you want your client to prevail and are concerned that the judge or jury will reach the wrong conclusion.  But there is often another source of stress created by the client. That stress can be eliminated if you are firm with the client. Continue reading